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Step 1: Contact School Office to schedule a tour with the School Director, or scroll down and click School Tour to schedule a tour online via Calendy.

Step 2: Visit the campus and determine if St. Peter's is a good fit for your student.

Step 3: Schedule your student for a follow-up interview with the school director.

Step 4: If your student is believed to be ready to start school and a good match for Montessori an offer of enrollment will be extended.

Please note the following:

Enrollment is not guaranteed until an enrollment package is completed and the enrollment fee is received by the school. If students are waitlisted due to capacity issues, enrollments will be processed from the waitlist on a first come first serve basis. Siblings of existing students are given preference over new families when waitlists occur.

Children are required to be fully independent with their toileting before starting school. If staying for naptime, children should be able to stay dry through a nap as well. We recognize that the occasional accident happens, but if your child is still having an accidents regularly, then we can delay enrollment until potty training is complete.



2019-2020 TUITION

Half Day 8:00 AM -
11:30 AM
Half Day
8:00 AM -
1:00 PM
Full Day 8:00 AM -
3:00 PM


  • 10% discount for registered parishioners
  • 10% sibling discount for second and subsequent children
  • 5% discount for tuition paid-in-full by July 1st

Please note: The maximum discount offered is 10% per student, with the exception of the Parishioner discount and the Paid-in-Full discount, which can both be used by the same family.