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We're excited to move to uniforms for the 2020-2021 school year and beyond with Land's End as our uniform provider. We chose Land's End because they have the variety, quality, value, convenience, and volume that a school of our size might not otherwise be able to access. They also offer adaptable clothing for our friends with sensory processing sensitivites and motor challenges. We will not have any requirements based on gender. (ex: girls must wear skirts, etc) 

TOPS: For their shirts, children are required to wear a white, navy, light blue, or royal shirt (or dress) embroidered with the St. Peter's logo. 

For families that may prefer to buy white, navy, or light blue shirts themselves and have them embroidered, we are working on finding a local vendor that will agree to embroider shirts at a reasonable price, and also looking into buying patches in bulk that you may buy and sew on shirts yourself. Stay tuned.

Children who are eligible for corporate scholarships will be given five shirts by the church congregation, who has agreed to fund a uniform scholarship. 

Cost saving ideas: wear a plain, long sleeved shirt under your short sleeved one so that you get the extra warmth without having to buy "winter" uniform shirts. Buy a sweater vest that the children wear over a plain long-sleeved shirt in the winter. Buy a half-zip fleece that they wear over a plain shirt. 

BOTTOMS: Children will be required to wear navy or khaki bottoms, or they can also buy plaid items from our Land's End storefront. Children may wear shorts, pants, dresses or skirts. Feel free to wear the khaki/tan and navy items you already own, or to thrift for some at a lower rate. You are not required to buy bottoms from Land's End, but we included those for your ease if you'd rather have a one-stop school clothes shop. If you'd like a plaid skirt, you would have to go through Land's End.

SHOES: Children are required to wear comfortable, close-toed shoes. No characters. No light-up shoes. Please choose closures that are age-appropriate, and your child can manage independently. If your child cannot tie yet, velcro or slip on shoes are best. Once your children know how to tie, feel free to have them in tie-shoes so they get the practice. We will not require dress shoes. 

LUNCHBOXES, WATER BOTTLES, and BACKPACKS: are not permitted to have characters on them. Backpacks are only permitted in Primary if they are holding naptime sheets and blankets. Elementary aged children are permitted to bring a backpack if they would like.

USED SHIRTS: We plan on having a school thrift store stocked with donated, gently used shirts from St. Peter's alumni, where we sell them at a reduced rate. This being our first year, we do not have this currently.

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