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Updated 5/19/20 12:00

We made it! Thursday marks the last day for Primary, and the Kindergarteners and Elementary have their last day Friday. The teachers are working on progress reports this week, and they will be published to you electronically Friday afternoon. Progress reports will only include up until we moved online, as we feel no one should be evaluated on the distance learning portion. Thursday, 5/21, from 9-11am the Primary teachers will be at school and have your children's things on the benches for pick up. We will respect social distancing, and wear masks, but want to be able to say goodbye. Check your email for more details. We will release the Kindergarten Graduation video on Friday morning, so please watch it to help celebrate our Kinder friends!

Thank you for hanging in there with us as we all adapted to the current situation. See you in August!

Updated 3/30/20 20:45

Though we were expecting it, the news that the governor is keeping schools closed for the rest of the year still hit us all hard. I know that several of the teachers have reported tears today because our community will not get to experience the normal rhythm of a school year coming to an end. There are so many goodbyes that will not get to be expressed, and for that we mourn, though we know that the decision is made to help keep the most fragile among us safe. My heart goes out to our Kindergarten class especially, who will not get that rite of passage that our other Kinder graduates have experienced. But as the partner of someone who is at their most vulnerable, I thank each and every one of you who are following the directive to stay home. You may be saving the life of my husband, my mom and my dad.

With a shelter-in-place order going out starting tomorrow evening, this will change the frequency of how often the teachers can get videos prepared to share with our community. Our teachers have been meeting their aides at school, shooting video together, and then going home to edit and upload. Upload times have been lengthy, and all of us have been working day and night to get you content every day (with some of us trying to somehow parent and crisis-school at the same time.) We aren't sure what this next "new normal" will settle into, but assure you that we are doing our best to keep our remote connection with you strong through this unprecedented time. We thank you for your support and love during this time that will be our generation's dividing line. May our love for each other keep us united and strong. #stayhome

Updated March 19, 2020 11:00am

I hope you've enjoyed the videos from the teachers thus far. We are still firming up the technology side of how we will deliver content and keep in touch with all of you, and are weighing different options. Please keep in close contact with us and let us know what is working for you and what your needs are. The teachers have enjoyed hearing back from their inquiries about how you are all holding up. We are all learning as we go and want to be able to meet the needs of our community as best we can until this is all over and we can get back to being with our students again. In the meantime, we are both working remotely and going in to school sometimes so that when possible, the children can see us film in the classroom that they love. 

Updated: March 16, 2020 10:00

Our staff has just completed a meeting to organize the content we will be sending home for the children. We hope to keep a strong community connection with them, even if it is virtual for now. Stay tuned to hear from your individual teachers, who will be contacting you soon. I will be sending out some general information for everyone, but the educational content will come from the teachers and be specific to the class and your child. 

Updated: March 13, 2020, 20:00

We have been closely monitoring the global spread of COVID-19 virus and the advice from County, State, and Federal health and education officials daily. After careful consideration, St. Peter's has decided to follow Litchfield Elementary School District's decision to close in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, St. Peter's Montessori will be moving to online-only instruction until further notice. 

This decision has not been made lightly and we appreciate your cooperation in this challenging situation. We are working on plans to provide supplemental learning opportunities until we can return. Further details are forthcoming via SchoolCues, and on our website. SchoolCues is CRUCIAL for the most up-to-date information from your individual teachers. 

St. Peter's has a responsibility to provide a safe environment for students and staff and a commitment to quality education. We will reopen when LESD reopens, and we are confident we can ensure a safe learning environment.

We will keep you updated with any developments that could impact our families or schools. Our website will remain your official source for information.


The mission of St. Peter's Montessori School is to educate students to their full potential in an academically challenging and caring environment, reflecting the traditional Episcopal appreciation of cultural, racial, socio-economic and religious diversity. Our school has the prestigious distinction of being an AMI (Associated Montessori Internationale) accredited and certified Montessori school.

St. Peter's Montessori School has existed in the community of Litchfield Park since 1964. Parents who have attended as students are now enrolling their own children at St. Peter's! Our school is part of the National Association of Episcopal Schools. The use of prayer in the life of the school is an important expression of the Episcopal identity, and the children say grace before lunch daily. The school's chapel services are sensitive to the diversity of religious identities that may be represented, while remaining faithful to Christian foundations and Episcopal practice and tradition.